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First, book your FREE 30 minute consultation

We approach business with a targeted and focused methodology to ensure sustainable and profitable results. In the free 30-minute discovery call, we sit with you to discuss the extent of our services, what you need, and whether we are a good fit for you. You can use one, some, or all of our services. We work with you to build the right plan. 


Second, vision, plan, and collaborate

We meet with you and your team to familiarize ourselves with your company, while also strategizing and planning our action plan. We work closely with you to ensure every part of our business solutions benefits your company. Our methods have shown gainful and worthwhile results!


Third, execute, review, results

Our team believes in being there every step of the way with you. We ensure your absolute approval and happiness of the final product/ solutions. We review with you any necessary changes and execute accordingly. Lastly, you get to sit back and benefit from the results of your money and our team's expertise. 

Business Development

Our Biz. Dev. experts meet you wherever you are in your business journey. We work with you from seed to sale. If you have a business but need to generate more profit or solve operational/management problems, Rooted is with you.

Talent Acquisition 

RR has placed talent for Fortune 500 companies including Tesla, Facebook, Amazon,  as well as bagel shops. Our recruiting strategies and staffing resources equip your team with quality employees that meet your company needs and culture. 

Employee + Enterprise Trainings

Our specialists in Human Resources and people operations help onboard, train, and manage new teams or departments. Book your free discovery call to learn more about how we can help!

Rooted Engagements

RR exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients no matter the size of their company. Our business development experts provide strategic consulting services to support your DEI needs and goals. Book a free discovery call today!

UX/UI + Web Design

Our developer and design specialist create quality and innovative websites with interactive interfaces. In the past our team created websites for therapists, poets, dental offices, and cannabis testing labs. 

Branding + Marketing

Brand and Marketing experts work with your team, or just you, to define your  overall company image and brand. We strategically approach your company's focused advertisement and build vital collaborations to ensure long-term success. 

Content/ Copy

Our Copywriters and Content specialist work together to strategize captivating, and traffic-generating copy/content. We promise engaging and targeted content to build your company brand and encourage trust from your customers and visiting traffic through digital and traditional avenues. 

Web Accessibility 

We believe your content deserves to be appreciated by everyone so our team ensures your website is usable and functional for all users, including those with disabilities. Whether you need a new website or a review of your current one, we know how to review and create accessible digital designs.

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